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Principal's Corner

Beard's Bulletin

Beard’s Bulletin 08/13/2018

It has been a busy start for all of us during the beginning of our 2018-19 school-year at Tiger Creek. I wanted just to say a word about traffic at the school as we are transitioning your students in and out of the school. This year we have a huge influx of car riders. Even with the addition of our new loop through the playground about 18 months ago we are finding it harder to keep you off of the roadway especially during parent pick-up in the afternoon. We have been trying new ways to pull you forward earlier to help. One thing that will also help is for you to keep our front door area clear during dismissal, especially around Ms. Crawford’s office. We appreciate your help with this as she is doing multiple tasks to ensure every student has pick-up is done with utmost efficiency and care. Additional help from you is requested as we need you to refrain from picking up your child past 2:10 PM to help us keep the are clear. We realize there are times you need to pick up your child a little before dismissal –we just ask that you do it before 2:10 PM.

I could not ask for better parent stakeholders than we have at TCE. In September we will have our first Title I Meeting. All parents will be choosing a new parent -representative for our Local School Governance Team and PTO officers for the 2018/19 school year.  Stay tuned for more info on these exciting possibilities and thanks for letting us be a part of the new excitement this school-year!